Dice Tray & "Deep Sea Adventure" Expansion Die

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Dice Tray & "Depp Sea Adventure" Expansion Dice Set

Dice Tray. Half the depth of a game box, with a blue body and the Oink Games logo printed on it. Size: 11 cm x 6.5 cm x 2.2 cm Material: wood, felt The "Deep Sea Adventure" Expansion Die. You can replace one of the two regular dice with an expansion die when playing "Deep Sea Adventure". Size: 1.6 cm x 1.6 cm x 1.6 cm Material: wood
This dice tray is half the size of the Oink Games box and is easy to carry along with your games. It's also easy to hold in your hand, so you can even roll the dice into the tray while holding it. Convenient for when there's no space on the table. Works great when playing "Deep Sea Adventure" or "Moon Adventure", which require dice. How To Use 1. Place your hand holding the dice close to the short side of the dice tray. 2. Roll the dice into the dice tray.
An expansion die that adds a little drama to "Deep Sea Adventure." To play with this die, replace one of the two regular dice used in "Deep Sea Adventure." Printed on the expansion die are the following two special rolls...which may lead to unexpected developments. "x3": the number rolled on the regular die multiplied by 3. So, if 3 is rolled on the regular die, you can move 9 spaces! "Number of Explorers In Front of You": the number of explorers in front of you is the roll. In a six-player game, if there are five players in front of you, the roll becomes five! (Note the direction you're in moving in)
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