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Two Packs Pouch 2021

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Perfectly Fit Pouch For Two Oink Games Titles

. A simple design with the logo printed in white on blue, Oink Games color fabric. The inside of the pouch is made with orange fabric. Size: 14 cm x 12 cm x 4 cm Material: Cotton (main body), Polyester, Iron, TPE (zipper)
At Oink Games, we think that the portability of a game is very important. We call it the "cost of play." We value the degree to which the fun outweighs the "cost" of the game, such as the money and effort required to play. This special 2021 edition pouch is just the right size to hold two of Oink Games' regular-sized games side by side. The pouches are designed to fit the size of the boxes, and fit together like tailor-made clothing for your games. The well-made zipper opens to reveal the orange inner fabric and the colorful packages. Plus, you can attach your favorite keychain to the tag under the zipper. The pouch is a size that avoids cluttering your bag , so it's perfect for carrying around. You can think about who you're meeting that day, put it in your bag, and covertly bring two games with you. Or, you can comfortably keep two of your favorite games in the pouch and carry it around as a good luck charm you can play anytime.
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