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Durian Designer Notes

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"Durian" production process notes.

Click here to purchase a PDF A5 size booklet, 24 pages in total.
Released by Oink Games in 2020, "Durian" is the newest game from the designer of "Paper Tales" and "Volcanus", Masato Uesugi. This is his third game with Oink Games following "Dungeon of Mandom" and "Dungeon of Mandom VII". In "Durian", the player is able to see all of the cards except one and needs to predict the current stock of fruits while also aiming to take just the right amount of order. If the handbell is rung, check to make sure you haven't taken too many orders. The "Durian Designer Notes" give a behind the scenes look at the production process of game designer, Masato Uesugi, as well as Jun Sasaki and Hiroko Izumida, in charge of direction and artwork. In the back of then notes, the original rules for "Durian" are printed exactly as there were when brought to Oink Games. Also available for purchase as a PDF
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