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Even if we can't meet, let's play boardgames!

Just like casually jumping into a board game at a table, I wanna be able to do that online even if when can’t meet in person! With "Let's Play! Oink Games," you can play Oink Games' popular, small-boxed titles like, "Deep Sea Adventure" and "A Fake Artist Goes to New York," and more. Play at home with your family, online with your friends, or test your skills against CPUs. Plenty of ways to play!

Let's Play! Oink Games

  • Nintendo Switch
  • 21.99USD
  • Steam
  • 24.99USD
  • iOS / Android
  • Free (In App Purchases Available)
  • DLC
  • 4.99USD〜5.99USD

Let's Play! Oink Games

Game Description

Play Oink Games' board game titles online & offline with "Let's Play! Oink Games". Now available on Nintendo Switch, and Steam, iOS, and Android with support for Cross-platform play.
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●Multiplayer Online : supports online play with 2 to 8 players. You can play online with your friends in real time. Even if you don't have enough people, you can play with people you don't know and/or CPUs. Cross-platform play between the Nintendo Switch, Steam, iOS, and Android versions of the game are supported. Offline : supports offline play with 2 to 8 players. All you need is one main unit and one copy of the software. Up to 8 people can enjoy with a single controller on the same screen. *Some games don't support offline play Local Wireless play is also available on the Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android versions.
●Solo Supports online matching with people from all over the world. You can also play against the CPU offline. *Some games don't support CPU play Click here for the number of players and supported play modes for each game
Included Board Games All of the featured games are popular titles that even first-time players can get excited about. A rich lineup of games, from competitive to drawing, and co-op games. And, even more titles are on the way!

Deep Sea Adventure

A popular title that’s sold more than 200,000 copies worldwide.
Treasures lay on the ocean depths, but oxygen is scarce
Greedy explorers aboard a submarine in search for treasure at the bottom of the sea. They are all dressed in their diving suits and set out on a daring treasure hunt. But to their surprise, all the explorers are connected to a single air tank in this rundown submarine. Even one person’s recklessness can put everyone's life in danger. Will the explorers be able to bring back the treasure safely? This is a classic dice-roll game that's easy to play, and recommended for beginners!

How to Play
Supported Play Modes: ・Online: 1-6 Players ・Offline: 1-6 Players ・Playable with CPUs

A Fake Artist Goes To New York

A drawing party game for everyone! Everyone draws one picture together...but one person doesn't even know what to draw. There is a fake artist hiding among the real artists - can you find out who it is? The fake artist has to be careful not to be identified and the real artists have to be careful not to make it too easy for the deceiver. A popular drawing social deduction game that you can jump into and immediately enjoy with large group of people.

How to Play
Supported Play Modes: ・Online: 3-8 Players ・Offline: 3-8 Players ・CPU play unavailable


3 cards to decide your fate There are six companies that will change the world as we know it! You can be part of their success and be an investor. Become rich by making the right decisions! Only the single biggest investor can get money out of each company. Reading your rivals' next steps, use your capital along with three hidden cards to win, and become the biggest shareholder! A mix of luck and strategy, here’s a game you can enjoy over and over with a couple of friends, or with a group.

How to Play
Supported Play Modes: ・Online: 1-4 Players (by adding CPUs you can start playing even with two players) ・Offline: 1 Player ・Playable with CPUs

Mood Adventure

A co-op game to test your teamwork You are trapped on the moon due to a massive magnetic storm originating from the sun and all of the supplies have been scattered about the surface. You and your fellow astronauts are desperately trying to recover the scattered supplies, all while your oxygen levels are falling. Moon Adventure is a cooperative board game where everyone must work together in order to complete the mission. Trust in your wits and your friends to make it back alive!

How to Play
Supported Play Modes: ・Online: 1-5 Players ・Offline: 1-5 Players (If playing solo, the player will control all of the CPU's moves as well) ・CPUs will be controlled by the host
◆2022.3.17 Free Update

This Face, That Face?

What is this face? Provided are a variety of exclamations written on cards. Use your creativity to put together a face to match the text on the card highlighted for you. The amount of face parts are limited, but the expressions you can make are endless. If everyone guesses the card to your face, you get points! How well can you express emotions with just this "face?"

How to Play
Supported Play Modes: ・Online: 3-8 Players ・Offline: 3-8 Players ・CPU play unavailable
◆2022.7.7 Free Update

In A Grove

One of Oink`s best known titles, a game of deduction and deception. This town has too many crimes and too many detectives. Today several detectives have witnessed a crime. Using the information that only you are aware of as well as considering the reasoning of the other detectives, you must carefully and skillfully try to gain the upper hand and declare which suspect is the criminal. Can you defeat your rivals and become the greatest detective this town has ever seen? This is a competitive game filled with reasoning, deductions, and a complex mixture of predictions.

How to Play
Supported Play Modes: ・Online: 1-5 Players ・Offline: 1 Player ・Playable with CPUs
◆2022.9.22 free update


Trash Bin and Cash In A chicken named Fafnir lays 2 gems each day, but at times can lay more. The brothers that inherited Fafnir have decided that “The person that throws away more of their gems” can receive the freshly laid gems. The value of the gems fluctuate depending on how many the players are holding and by purposefully throwing gems away you can manipulate the playing field. In this simple strategy game, the goal is to make it to the end holding as many valuable gems as you can.

How to Play
Supported Play Modes: ・Online: 1-4 Players ・Offline: 1 Player ・Playable with CPUs
◆2022, Dec. 1st, First Paid DLC


SCOUT for the show! (Spiel des Jahres Nominee!) You've suddenly been appointed as the leader of a circus. Using the members of your circus you must put together a show that will beat out your rivals. Everyone on your team has a specific role. To fill in the gaps on your team, try to scout members away from other circus groups! With the addition of just one extra person you may set off an incredible chain reaction that helps you create a show that no other circus will be able to surpass. Will you battle with your current crew members? Or, will you wait it out and try to recruit more members? You'll feel amazing when you make the right choices in this speedy card game!

How to Play
Supported Play Modes: ・Online: 1-5 Players (by adding CPUs you can start playing even with two players ・Offline: 1 Player ・Playable with CPUs
◆2023, March. 16th, Second Paid DLC

Nine Tiles

Each player has nine tiles, which can be moved or turned over in any fashion, and players must arrange the tiles to match the given theme (3x3 pattern) faster anyone else. The rules are simple, but players must account for the double-sided tiles to match the patterns correctly. This is a fast-paced party puzzle game that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. In addition to the competitive mode, the game can be played in "Time Attack Mode" when you start the game without CPU when playing "Offline/ Solo".

How to Play
Supported Play Modes: ・Online: 1-8 Players ・Offline: 1-8 Players ・Playable with CPUs
◆2023, July. 6th, Third Paid DLC

Make The Difference

Split the difference with Spot the Difference. Not too easy, not too hard! Hey, newbie! Welcome! The main role of the DDD, "The Department of Difference Development", is making Spot the Difference puzzles! We want YOU to take some of our premade illustrations and draw in some differences. But hold on! We don't need to tell you that making it too easy isn't fun, but on the other hand, making it too hard can be a bummer too. You gotta find that sweet spot and make it just difficult enough to find the differences. If you find the differences within the time limit, you score! For everyone that has ever wanted to make their own Spot the Difference puzzle, this is the board game for you! With your friends, with your family, have some fun together! In addition to regular matches, you can also enjoy the "offline/single player" mode which lets you create Spot the Difference puzzles and take pictures of them. This way, you can post them on social media and challenge your friends!

How to Play
Supported Play Modes: ・Online: 1-8 Players ・Offline: 1-8 Players ・CPU play unavailable
◆2023, Sep. 14th, Fourth Paid DLC


Simple... or not. Kobayakawa is a simple, casino-style gambling card game. Choose if you want to exchange the card you're dealt or perform other actions. Then it's time to bet your coins: How sure are you that you have the card with the highest value in your hand? But watch out for the tricky "Kobayakawa" card in the center! Its value is added to the lowest card, so even having the highest numbered card doesn't guarantee you'll win. This game features quick and exciting rounds that will test your courage and bluffing skills! The digital version includes brand new content such as an 8-player-mode and the option to bet on winners.

How to Play
Supported Play Modes: ・Online: 3-8 Players ・Offline: 1 Player ・Playable with CPUs
◆2023, Dec. 7th, Fifth Paid DLC

Rafter Five

You supported it ALL? 5 rafters are collecting planks of wood to make their raft bigger. Try your best to instruct them to load the cargo into the raft. But be careful, the balance of the raft extensions is important! If a person that is supporting the raft is moved, the raft will collapse all at once. Will you be able to skillfully build the raft and make it difficult for others to expand while also making sure you aren't the one to let it all fall apart? Will it collapse!? Will it hold!? Enjoy the strange balancing act in this brainy, balance game! Up to 8 players can play together in the digital version. There is also a solo mode, where you try to see how big you can build your raft.

How to Play
Supported Play Modes: ・Online: 1-8 Players ・Offline: 1-8 Player ・Playable with CPUs
List of Games
Online cross-platform play is available between the Nintendo Switch, Steam, iOS, and Android versions.
Purchasing Games
Depending on the platform, additional purchases are required for each game separately from the base game. iOS/Android versions of the game are downloadable for free with " Deep Sea Adventure" free to play.
"Trial Play"
Even if you do not own any of the paid DLC game, if someone you know has bought the game you can join their table using "trial play" (up to any number of players). If one person purchase the game, everyone can play together! Please seethe following.
Q. Can I play with my friends if one of us buys it? / Does everyone need to buy a copy? / What does "If one person purchase the game, everyone can play together" mean? A. There is a way to play every game together in "Let's Play! Oink Games" as long as at least one person makes a purchase. It is not necessary for everyone to purchase the game. ◆Persons who purchase the Nintendo Switch/Steam versions
. Have a friend download the free iOS/Android version of the game and you can play the included 7 games together with "trial play" (Deep Sea Adventure, Startups, A Fake Artist Goes to New York, Moon Adventure, This Face, That Face?, In A Grove, and Fafnir). ◆Persons who purchase the paid DLC
You can ask a friend to download the free iOS/Android version of the game so that you can play together with "trial play".
If your friend owns the Nintendo Switch/Steam version of the game, you can play the game together with "trial play" without them having to make an additional purchase. *Even when joining with "Trial Play," players who want to join with their Nintendo Switch, or Steam will need to purchase a copy of the game, "Let's Play! Oink Games."
Q. Is there a limit to the number of people who can join with "trial play"? A. No. There is no limit. Any number of people can participate in a "trial play."
Q. What is the difference between the Nintendo Switch version and the Steam version? A. There is no difference in the content, and number of games between versions. Although, the Steam version has additional achievements, graphics settings, Steam Remote Play support, and more.
Q. Please tell me the difference between the Nintendo Switch version, and iOS/Android versions of the game. A. The games you can play and the contents of the games are exactly the same。With the iOS/Android software, it's free to download and only "Deep Sea Adventure" is free to play. The other games (7 titles) are playable as paid DLC. The Nintendo Switch (and Steam) version comes with the initial 7 titles when purchasing the game. "SCOUT" is available as paid DLC.
Q. Are the Nintendo Switch version, Steam, iOS, and Android versions playable together? A. Yes, online cross-platform play is supported.
Q. Is the save data interchangabe between each version of the game? A. Unfortunately, this feature is not supported. Each version will have separate save data.
Q. If I buy a paid DLC game on one platform is it unlocked on the other platforms as well? A. Unfortunately not. Each version of the game requires a purchase to play paid DLC content on that specific platform.
Q. Are there any plans to add more titles to the collection? A. Yes, titles will be add more over time. *Unfortunately, we cannot give answers on the timing, titles, or prices of additions. Parts of these factors are still under consideration.
Q. Can I post videos/live-stream the game? A. Yes, you can. Please follow our Video Posting Guidelines. We also have image materials available for your use.
Q. Is there support for matching with random players, or matching with friends? A. Yes, both are supported. [Online] → [With Anyone] play with anyone. [Online] → [With Friends] only people who know the table's code can join.
Q. Can more than one person play with a single copy of the software? A. Yes, multiplayer is supported on a single platform. Go to [Offline] -> [Multiplayer], then set the number of players to start playing. Each player can also set their name and icon. *When playing Online Multiplayer, or playing locally, each player is required to have a console and a copy of the software.
Q. Can I play without having a controller for each player? A. Yes, you can. The game supports a mode for sharing a single controller. After you select [Offline] -> [Multiplayer] -> number of players, you will be taken to a screen where you can connect controllers. If you close the screen without adding more controllers, gameplay will default to sharing a single controller.
Q. Who will be my opponent(s) in Solo (Online/Offline) play modes? A. Online: you can play with players from around the world. Offline: "Deep Sea Adventure", "Startups", "In A Grove", "Fafnir", "SCOUT", "Nine Tiles" allow you to play against the CPU. In "Moon Adventure", you will control all CPUs by yourself. "A Fake Artist Goes to New York", "This Face, That Face?" and "Make The Difference" do not support single player modes. CPUs can be added from the button below the list of players on the left. You can also mix in CPUs in online play.
Project under development. Some visuals may differ from the final game.

Let's Play! Oink Games


Released in 2021
LanguageEnglish, Deutsch, français, italiano, Espanol, Português, 日本語, 한국어, 繁体中文, 简体中文
SOUNDKazuomi Suzuki
UIJun Sasaki, Yoshihiro Shindo
PROGRAMMINGYoshihiro Ura, Yoshihiro Shindo, Tomoaki Tsuchie

Let's Play! Oink Games

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