Video Posting Guidelines

Enacted: 12/16/2021
Last Update: 06/22/2021

These guidelines stipulate the conditions for customers (you) to post (including live streaming) video and still images of games by Oink Games Inc. (the “Company” or “we”, “us”, etc.) to video sharing services and social media sites.
Provided that you follow the following guidelines, you may also earn money by using the system on video sharing services that do not require payment for viewing.

Who these Guidelines apply to

What may be posted

  • Pursuant to these Guidelines, you may post videos and still images (“Gameplay Videos etc.”) of the games set forth below being played by players including yourself (videos or still images of games not played by you are not covered by these Guidelines).
  • You may also use images specified by us when posting Gameplay Videos etc. When using intellectual property of a third party other than us that is included in any of our titles in Gameplay Videos etc., you shall separately obtain permission from the relevant third party.
Our titles Scope of content prohibited for use
Board games we sell Games including characters or illustrations for which we do not hold the copyrights.
Let’s Play! Oink Games (Nintendo Switch/Steam/iOS/Android)
Tiger Trio’s Tasty Travels (iOS/Nintendo Switch/Steam)
Takeshi and Hiroshi (Apple Arcade/Nintendo Switch) Use of content from Chapter 7 on is not permitted
1000m zombie escape! (iOS)
Legendary Warriors (iOS)
MUJO (iOS/Android)

Rights statements

  • You shall display the following copyright notices when posting Gameplay Video etc.
    © Oink Games Inc.

  • You shall not delete or modify trademarks or copyright notices etc. shown in our titles or images designated by us in Gameplay Videos etc.

Prohibited matters

The following matters are prohibited. In addition, we may take legal action if we determine that certain conduct falls under or is likely to fall under the prohibited matters. In addition, you shall promptly delete posts if requested by us for any reason.

  • Posting for commercial purposes. However, releasing videos for free and monetizing them using the systems of video sharing services is not considered as being for commercial purposes
  • Posting only or mostly only in-game movies
  • Posts that target only in-game sounds, such as voices, background music, and sound effects (including posts where gameplay is paused, only simple operations are repeated, or otherwise not having normal gameplay progression, and yet making it possible to continue viewing, listening to the voice, background music, or sound effects)
  • Posts that violate laws and regulations or public order and morals
  • Posting to video sharing services, social media sites, websites, and other services that are only for persons aged 18 and up (Age prohibited by applicable laws and regulations if any)
  • Posts that infringe on our privacy or that of a third party, or posts that damage our reputation
  • Posts in which our games are played using cheats, unauthorized access, unauthorized modifications, or in ways prohibited by us (including posts relating to the creation or provision etc. of tools that enable the foregoing)
  • Posts that infringe on intellectual property rights or other rights of ours and third parties
  • Unauthorized reproduction of videos or still images created not by you but by a third party
  • Posts with excessive editing, processing, or modification etc. that distorts the content of our games
  • Posts that mislead viewers to believe that it is a posts by us, the right holders, or related persons, and comparable conduct (including anything that gives the impression of being sponsored by or affiliated with us, rights holder, or related persons).
  • Posts and other conduct for religious activities, political activities, or antisocial activities
  • Unless expressly permitted by the Company, making posts or engaging in other conduct for the purpose of advertising your or third-party products or services or companies etc.
  • Posts that impede the proper provision and operation of our games
  • Secondary use of posted videos, still images, or other content
  • Other matters that we determine to be inappropriate


  • These Guidelines are not exhaustive, and we may take measures such as deleting Gameplay Videos etc. and other posts at our sole discretion.
  • We make no warranty to you, including that our games do not infringe on any rights of third parties. We will not compensate for any damage caused to you because of posts by you pursuant to these Guidelines, or any other dispute with third parties including other customers.
  • The Guidelines will be updated from time to time, so please be sure to check the latest guidelines before posting. If Gameplay Videos etc. posted prior to an update of these Guidelines do not meet the conditions stipulated in the updated version, such Gameplay Videos etc. may be deleted.
  • We will not answer individual inquiries regarding these Guidelines. Please also note that we will not answer inquiries regarding the licensing of videos or still images.
  • Please note that we may share Gameplay Videos etc. that have been posted by you on our official website and social media sites and other official accounts.
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