Nine Tiles Panic Coaster

¥1,100 (Tax Included)
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"Nine Tiles Panic" Silicon Coaster

Size: 100x100mm Styles: Blue & Orange set, Pink & Green set Material: Silicon Specifications: Comes in original zip bag
One day, out of the blue, a bunch of hamburger-loving aliens decended upon Earth. In order to catch the aliens, the Alien Countermeasures Bureau sent out some of their agents. Now the town is a mess full of agents and aliens chasing hamburgers. (from the "Nine Tiles Panic" game manual) In the board game "Nine Tiles Panic", aliens arrive in the town on a UFO. Agents chasing aliens, aliens chasing hamburgers, frightened citizens, and the dogs ran away?! The panicking town has now become a coaster. ■ Blue: A dog abducted by a UFO. What are they going to do with him?! ■ Orange: An agent that has successfully captured 3 aliens. Using a hamburger as bait is a good idea, isn't it. ■ Pink: An alien being chased by a pack of dogs. They might even be scarier than an agent. ■ Green: A boy hiding in his home after spotting a UFO. Hopefully they don't find him.
There are two sets of 2 available, "Blue & Orange" and "Pink & Green". The coasters come inside an Oink Games and Alien graphic original zip bag. It's great whether you're working from home, relaxing at home, or at a game party!
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