Fafnir Designer Notes

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Book about the production process of "Fafnir".

To purchase a PDF please click here. A5 size booklet, 18 pages
Released in 2019, "Fafnir" was created by Jun Sasaki, creator of other games like, "Deep Sea Adventure", "A Fake Artist Goes to New York", "Kobayakawa", "Startups", "In a Grove", "The Pyramid's Deadline", "Troika", "Maskmen", "Moneybags", "Mr. Face", etc... Whoever throws away the most gems can receive the freshly laid gems, but the value of the gems depends on how many everyone has. By choosing which gems to throw away you can control the play area while aiming to have many high valued gems at the end. It's a game where you have to use your head a little and strategize. The Fafnir Designer Notes give a behind the scenes look at the production process of Jun Sasaki, from game design to graphics design. At the end of the book, we also recorded how the rules changed throughout the design process. A PDF version is also available for purchase.
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