Let's Play! Oink Games Designer Notes

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Making of "Let's Play! Oink Games" Booklet

Click here for the free NOTE serial magazine. A5 size, 48 pages
Released in 2021 by Oink Games for Nintendo Switch, "Let's Play! Oink Games" creates a place for fans to play Oink Games' board games online and offline. Even if you can't meet in person, enjoy the board games as if you were sitting around a table. You can play at home with your family or online with your friends. Also, some titles allow you to test your skills against the CPU. "Let's Play! Oink Games Designer Notes" contains interviews with the director/designers/programmers within the development team, talking about the stories behind creating the game. The first half of the book covers the production of "Deep Sea Adventure," "Startups," and "Moon Adventure," while the second half covers "A Fake Artist Goes to New York" and "This Face, That Face?." The book includes a full summary of the thoughts that went into developing these games: the UI design, rules used in digitizing these analog games, and the ingenuity used for speedy development with a small team. Click here for the free NOTE serial magazine.
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