The Diamond Swap Designer Notes

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Making of "The Diamond Swap" Booklet

Click here to purchase the PDF version. A5 size, 24 pages
"The Diamond Swap" was released by Oink Games in 2021 and is a title by Jun Sasaki, author of "Deep Sea Adventure", "A Fake Artist Goes to New York", "Startups", and more. In this game, the players are divided into two groups: the robbers who want to cover up the different, yet subtly-sized swapped diamonds, and the guards who need to detect the difference. "The Diamond Swap Designer Notes" is a book that interviews Jun Sasaki, who was in charge of the game's design and artwork. Included is the secret story behind the creation of the eye-catching glittering components, the difficult adjustment of the rules and difficulty level, the test play, and the evolution of the artwork. Also available for purchase as a PDF
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