Two Packs Pouch 2023

¥2,420 (Tax Included)
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A pouch perfectly fitting 2 games from Oink Games

Features a simple design with printed logo and comes in 2 colors: Oink Games' signature "Cyan", or a beautifully colored "Magenta". Differently colored fabrics are also used for the inside of the pouch. Size: W134 × H114 × D40mm Material: Canvas (Inner: Synthetic Fibers)
A special pouch for holding 2 regular sized games of Oink Games next to each other. Single copies of large sized games like "Moon Adventure" also perfectly fit. After a pouch of the same size released in 2021 was so well received, we've decided to further improve it to be even more sturdy and now re-released it in two different colors! Developed specifically for the standardized box sizes unique to Oink Games, we've made countless adjustments to ensure that it would absolutely and definitely be a perfect fit. In fact, it was such a tight fit that when the time came to test it out, we were nervous whether it would be properly closeable. But it did! Just like an Oink Games box filled with components, the pouch tightly fit the games. This way, you put your games into your bag and have them be well protected while taking up absolutely no additional space. *Actually, some Oink Games products have minimally larger box sizes. Since we pushed the design to be very tight-fitting, if you insert two of these slightly larger boxes, the pouch won't close. We're very sorry! In those cases, only one will fit!
This pouch will brighten up your travels and make them more fun! Whether if it's in your bag or being carried around by you, its size adds no bulk and makes it perfect for transport. By making it easier to bring your favourite games with you like on travels or camping trips, you can enjoy more quality time with your friends and family. If you plan on playing with children, we recommend taking "Nine Tiles" and "Deepsea Adventure" with you. For trips with friends, be sure to create some memorable moments with "Insider" and "Scout". Well, what are you waiting for? Which two games will you be bringing?
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