Whale to Look Reversible Plushie

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"Whale to Look" Reversible Plushie

Sizes: 525mm×700mm (large), 300mm×400mm (medium)
The artwork from the board game "Whale to Look" has been faithfully made into a plushie!
A bay full of huge whales and orcas, and quite popular among whale-watching tourists, is becoming overrun with tour companies. The whales on the other hand, seem to be enjoying themselves, sometimes showing up, sometimes not…… (taken from the "Whale to Look" website) Are these elusive whales and orcas going to appear in your room?! Become a tourist and bring whale-watching into your room! Be it on the sofa, the bed or the bookshelf - once you welcome one of these fluffy whales, a corner of your everday life will quickly turn into the ocean itself! Between the whale and the orca, which one do you like more today? Or how about performing a little magic trick by transforming a whale into an orca in the sea of your bedding? Before you know it, you'll be playing with it - that's the power of this mysterious plushie! It comes in two sizes: a large size that makes you want to hug it, and a medium size that's easy to hold in your hand and play with. *Product will be delivered in a vacuum bag With its elegant and simple monochrome design, the "Whale to Look" plushie will fit into any room regardless of ambience. Smooth on the surface, it's filled with cotton and super soft! Hug it to let it relieve you of your troubles and worries, or spin it around to enjoy its changing forms. Won't you give this new friend a spot in your room?
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