Dungeon of Mandom VIII Artwork

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"Dungeon of Mandom VIII" Artbook

Hisanori Hiraoka 105 x 200mm Booklet, 56 Pages
In addition to the 24 illustrations used in"Dungeon of Mandom VIII", a collection of original images, texts and sketches from Hisanori Hiraoka have been curated. This book will help you see the world like an RPG even more. For example, on the first page you will find the story of the knight from the game that hides his real face behind his iron mask. Its been quite a long time since he killed the robber that broke in to the mansion and was able to call himself a knight. But no one knows that he was a robber for longer than he has been a knight. He killed the robber, which was also his father.
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