• 07/06/2023
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New spring products

■Whale to Look A bay full of huge whales and orcas, and quite popular among whale-watching tourists, is becoming overrun with tour companies. The whales on the other hand, seem to be enjoying themselves, sometimes showing up, sometimes not…… As one of these tour companies, you must decide where to send out your boat! If you dilly-dally too long, one of the rival companies will pass by, but sometimes when your own investigation isn't enough, you might need to follow a rival company! For more information, click here.

■NINE TILES EXTREME With over 200,000 units sold, it's time for the popular board game "Nine Tiles" to receive an advanced version! Arrange your 9 tiles to match the given theme. Will you have to go by shape this time around? Or will it be by color? For more information, click here.

■Chainsaw Man Nine Tiles You can now enjoy the board game "Nine Tiles," which has sold over 200,000 copies in total, in the Chainsaw Man version! The rules are quickly explained in 10 seconds, but while the game is simple to play, it's hard to master. Who will be the one to emerge victorious? For more information, click here.

■"Whale to Look" Reversible Plushie The artwork from the board game "Whale to Look" has been faithfully made into a plushie! For more information, click here.

■Two Packs Pouch 2023 A pouch perfectly fitting 2 games from Oink Games. For more information, click here.

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